Canova – one

The rushing made it easier to cope with the stress, you might say that the stress made it less stressful. A concept that made no sense, but was true for everyone one there. It was always moving and running, you had to make sure you were caught up before it left you again. The lights […]

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Looking back he didn’t seem to need it. I can’t bend or see it. She still touches the same. He can’t breath the same. And don’t you look out and down, the rain short and swift? And do you hold her down, her breath the same? He touches the cool underneath, black and blue, the […]


Forever Sleep Far too Deep.

She holds down and doesn’t seem to be able to catch a breath. She looks down and doesn’t seem to see the breasts. Smoking helps her breath. She feels as though she is killing. Slowly it doesn’t begin to feel the same. Slowly it doesn’t begin to look and feel shame. Touching her doesn’t make […]

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Dripping to the Moon

Does she hold on to your torso around and around again? Do you look into her? She is simply dripping. Do you mind if the light comes in? Move again and again around like you did? She doesn’t hold on like you once did. Would have. Would you have? Breath down her back. She is […]

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She Is Telling

I wasn’t always so tangled. I was once calm and always there. I seemed to be there. I was younger then. I am older. Not quite the age where lines connect your features together to make them one, But the age where being so tangled lies no comfort. By my age others seem to breath […]

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Touch What Rests in Her Chest

It is resting in the chest, holding still below the breasts. Touch her lightly to drown it out. Breathing isn’t seeing, hold her down. Look closely to her sleeping, deeply dreaming. About the resting, the resting in her chest. Go down, downtown. Dark out, stars dripping in the light of the room. The moon, deep […]

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When Midnight is Becoming of You

Breathe. Breathing. Does it help to breathe in. Cigarettes help her breathe. She looks down at her feet, she can’t seem to understand the feeling. Darling, the midnight becomes you, so there is no need for sleeping. There seems to be something out there to dread. She doesn’t seem to be able to dream yet. […]

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